Who and Why?

Hi everyone šŸ™‚

This day has finally come – I decided to start blogging. Hope I manage to blog regularly, although I must admit I do prefer oral communication šŸ™‚

You might be wondering why the first post is called ‘Who and Why?’. Well, that’s quite simple – I just wanted to let my readers know something about me and the reasons why I decided to blog.

I’m Viacheslav Kushnir (Slava for short) and I’m Russian. I live and work in Saint Petersburg, the second largest Russian city. Now I work as a Senior Language Instructor in EPAM Systems, a multinational IT company, and I regularly run CELTA courses and work as a speaking examiner at LT-Pro, which is an international exam centre located in St Pete. Before moving to Saint Petersburg, I lived in Taganrog, a small city in the south of Russia. I used to work as a Director of Studies and a CELTA tutor in a private language school called Language Link. I teach English (and, actually, never stop learning it), help teachers developĀ and… I love my job šŸ™‚

I decided to start blogging being inspired by some professional teachers who blog and share their ideas and experiences, such as a real professional Sandy Millin whose blog helpsĀ a lot of teachers over the globe become better. At some point everyone who is keen on professional development understands that the more qualifications they obtain and the more experience they gain, the more questions they have. I think a personal blog might be a great opportunity to communicate with colleagues around the world and help each other solve the problems weĀ face every day, teach each other or just let off steam (which is sometimes really important, by the way).

I hope that I’ll be able to contribute to the world of ELT and some people find my posts interesting and useful. Frankly speaking, I’ll be really happy if I write at least oneĀ just to have somethingĀ to reflect on later.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned! šŸ™‚